Our Solutions

We offer asset tracking, telematics and logistic management solutions
to businesses requiring increased efficiency and accountability
with their fleet operations.

Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Vehicle tracking and telematics data can assist in improving efficiencies, cutting costs and overcoming challenges your business may face. Gaining these data insights can assist with your fleet maintenance, driver support, fuel management and more.

Asset Tracking

Track bins, trailers, containers, equipment and more with our asset trackers and data platforms over Cellular, Satellite or LoRaWAN.
Many of our trackers offer tamper detection, long battery life and custom designed IP67 rated enclosures.

Fleet Management

This is crucial to the success of GPS tracking and other service-based businesses. We offer custom TMS (Transport Management System) integration services, enabling data collection and insights that you can utilise to cut costs, while improving vehicle and asset reliability.

Job Management and Dispatch

Utilise our digitisation services to make bookings, deliveries and staff allocation easy and efficient. This will improve customer experience, reduce costs, ensure pre-start compliance and can even minimise your impact on the environment.

Fuel and Driver Management

Ensure your drivers are an asset to your business through driver management. Protect your staff’s safety through fatigue management and lone worker/duress communications. You can also include driver telematics information in your booking system to improve fuel efficiency.

Route Optimisation

Keep operational costs down by utilising our customisable route optimisation platform. It is accessible 24/7 from any web browser worldwide, allowing you to plan routes, share schedules and handle multi-drop deliveries.

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